Monday, March 6, 2017

Bonus Blog 1: A Day in the life of Virtual Technology

Through our class we had an extremely unique experience to actually get to put our hands on these technologies that are quickly reshaping our everyday lives. We go to use google cardboard, observe the 3D printer at work and even get to experience the best of virtual reality at the moment by using the the virtual reality headsets. By far, these headsets were my favorite thing to use during our time there. I have never got to actually use them, but have heard good things about it. However, you don't really realize how realistic it is until you get to get your hands on it. I think this technology is something that after a little more development you will start to see in classrooms, homes, and offices. I imagine that once there are learning games that allow children to be immersed into learning games or into history books we could see them popping up there. Or, if they could develop a way for pre-med students to get an opportunity to learn surgeries and operations through the VR system it could change the way doctors learn. Another cool idea I would like to see developed is the ability to FaceTime/ Skype people but be able to walk around their house with them or share a meal. All of these technologies, especially the Virtual Reality headsets, I predict, will soon be as common as computers in places where we work, study, and live.
My questions for this blog would be:
Some of this equipment could be super helpful to people, but can be extremely expensive. What would it take to bring those prices down?
How long will it take exactly to develop these programs that would be extremely

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