Monday, April 3, 2017

Blog 12: The Internet and our Personal Connections


In the first couple chapters of The Internet of Things by Samuel Greengard. The two chapters touched on some topics that had been previously mentioned in some of our other books we have read and talked about in class. One of the topics I found most interesting was the information about IP Addresses an IP Address is a combination of numbers that when placed in a specific order help to identify each computer and communicate over networks. A big topic that was also touched on by Greengard is how important computers are in connecting us with each other and allowing us access to those networks. Computers have quickly became a huge aspect in our lives and impact them from the time we wake up by using our iphone alarms to the time we text our family and friends about what happened during our day. They will soon be something we wear and even have implanted in our bodies. This discussion reminded me of a family friend who has a trackers implanted close to his heart to monitor his beats per minute to show the doctors where there may be gaps. This is a life saving technology that is literally inside of him. It is incredible that this technology can be inside of him at all times and track our movements. I am really excited to see what will come next to technologies that are implanted inside of us that are outside of the medical field. Greenard also touches on a little bit of the history of the internet and the importance between physical and digital first objects.

After reading these chapters may question are:
  1. What are some technologies that could be implanted in us that are outside of the medical field?
  2. Where is the line of too much technology? When does it take over our lives and become overbearing?
Greengard, Samuel. The internet of things. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [Introduction, Chapter 1 & Chapter 2]


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