Thursday, April 13, 2017

Blog 15: Our First Taste of Technology

In the final chapter Greengard takes us into the future and creates what he thinks the future will look like in the year 2025. I found this very interesting because although it seems impossible now, a lot of what Greengard talked about could really happen. These device would literally be constantly around us we would rely on them so heavly that it could become dangerous. Our lives today are already so controlled by technology it is hard to imagine a world with even more. Specifically wearable technicolgoies. This last chapter really made me think about wearable technologies and will they develop with us. My research project for what’s next is about the Apple Watch and the development towards its existence. These wearable technologies were first depicted in cartoons as unique gadgets that were often invented by super genius scientists who developed gadgets far beyond their time. Fast forward to 2017 and many of these gadgets are in our everyday lives. As I work with the Apple Watch I plan on investigating into the modeling and development from some of these shows that showed us the first products that continue to develop in our lives.

A couple questions I have after this reading is:
  1. If our technology learns to develop as we develop and age are we giving it too much power?
  2. Is there a real need for wearable technology? Does it go too far and become too invasive?

Greengard, Samuel. The internet of things. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [Introduction, Chapter 7]

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