Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Blog 13: My Everyday Life


Chapter three talks about the fluidity of human and machine life. The main goal when developing the technology is to make it blend into our everyday life by developing the Internet into something that requires little thought from the human thought process. We have become very accustomed to our lives including technology. I am typing this blog post on my laptop in the comfort of my bed on my laptop. I have Netflix playing in the background and I am listening to one of my favorite shows. My cell phone is sitting next to me and I am waiting on a text from my boyfriend, so I know he is done with Hockey practice. After I am done with my homework I will get up and brush my teeth with my electric toothbrush and set the alarm on my phone to wake up and do it all again tomorrow. These things I take for granted. The ability to do my homework and communicate with people wherever I want is amazing,but something I grew up expecting and almost demanding. Thinking back to back when my parents were in college and using typewriters was not that long ago, but the amount of information at my fingertips, compared to them in huge. We have so many benefits that come with technology, but I think there needs to be more awareness for the amount of time we spend using technology and how important it is to not let it control our lives.

After reading these chapters my thoughts and questions are:
  1. How much time does the average human spend with technology a day? Are there any studies that show this?
  2. What is in the future for us? Where do we expand to next? Technology already seems so invasive, where does it go to next?

Greengard, Samuel. The internet of things. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. [Chapter 3 & Chapter 4]

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